30 days left

Some of you know about this, some of you don’t. On the 10th of December this year, I’ll be moving away from the Åland Islands. It all came down to some life changing decisions being made in the end of August. I stood in front of an imaginary crossroad and I decided to take the path that gave me the best gut feeling. I changed the course of my life in a matter of minutes and I’m now heading in a totally new direction.

I was searching for flights departing from Mariehamn (the city I’m currently living in) to Brisbane, Australia. Prior to looking at the airline tickets, I was granted the working-holiday visa for a whole year. Based on my gut feeling – I chose the 10th of December as my departure day. I froze for a second, thinking.. once I actually go through with the payment, it’s for real.

Suddenly I had bought myself a set of tickets to Australia and it all happened in less than two minutes. You could mildy say that I was in a state of chock for a couple of minutes and then I started laughing rather hysterically. I simply couldn’t believe what I had done, but after a few hours it all started to sink in. The day after, I quit my job and then the journey begun. I’ve spent the last few weeks packing down my life in boxes, since I also gave up the apartment and I need to give back the keys at the end of this month. It still feels a bit surreal, but in a good way! I tried moving once before in 2014 – but that didn’t work at all! Back then I had loads of decisive moments and I guess, now looking back at it, I wasn’t ready to make that kind of commitment. I tried so hard to escape the reality of my life, without actually dealing with my issues and feelings.

But now, I can honestly say that I’m embracing it. I’ve come to terms about who I am, what I need – and that it’s also okay to want more in life! I want to be selfish and get the most out of my life, since in the end.. that’s all that matters! I don’t want to look back in remorse, I’d rather have one hell of a life!

It isn’t always easy, most of the times I’ve end up in the wheel of routines and forgot where I was heading. But it’s getting easier to break out, take a step back, in order to regain clarity again and not stumble around aimlessly. I’ve written about this before, how important it is to actually listen to what your heart desires, take a brake.. breathe and trust in your gut feeling.

Also, just to clarify it – I’m so fucking excited about going to Australia!
I will keep you posted about my itinerary, but for now.. I’ll simply enjoy a hot cup of tea.