30th birthday

How many days you say? 130… excuse me?!
I’ve been in Australia since the 12th of December, when looking at the calendar, I’m both surprised and shocked that we’re now entering the very end of April. The very hot summer in Australia (Brisbane) is now coming to an end and we’re starting to experience “winter” with cooler days. Even tho the weather’s changing, I’m having a hard time to grasp the idea of time. At the moment it feels like a never-ending luxury, with the only limitation being money at this point. I’ve had some very much needed downtime. Some days, I haven’t done a single thing. I have felt bad about it from time to time, but I know that it’s my past knocking at the door – the idea of always need to perform and prove yourself every day, which simply, is just ridiculous. I know that many of you want more updates from me, on how things are going – but I’ve honestly not felt like documenting my travels that much. I had huge ambitions in the beginning, weekly updates in various formats. But instead, I’ve spent more time & energy being present, experiencing life (even tho my mind can tend to drift off from time to time, can’t deny that).

Between the 12th of December until today, I’ve met so many amazing and fantastic people, many of them becoming new friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life. With this being said, there’s also another thing that’s popped into my head. At some point I’ll be going “home” and I’ll have to say goodbye to my new connections here. It’s a very weird and surreal feeling, one that I didn’t really expect or think of when leaving Ă…land. That move was definitely a hard thing in it’s own way, to leave friends and family behind – and now, realizing that I have to do it again, haha (and yes I know that I shouldn’t think about that, I am open for other possibilities – if they were to occur).

Speaking of friends and travelling – Spaceships.. yes, it’s true! I’ve travelled the South Island (New Zealand) with Liza, in a spaceship. On the 29th of March we got on a plane from Brisbane taking us all the way to Christchurch, New Zealand. On the night of arrival, we climbed a fence (that including us throwing over our bag(s) to the other side of the fence) and wandered around in a state of “hmm, where’s our hostel” – classic hostel directions being “It’s just a short walk from the airport”. The day after we picked up our very own spaceship campervan (family sized car) which would be our home for 8-days. In short conclusion, we did – Oamaru, Dunedin, Kaka- & Nugget point, Invercargill, Doubtful- & Milford Sound, Queenstown, Wanaka, Lake Pukaki (Mount Cook + Tasman glacier), Lake Tekapo and finally back to Christchurch.

Yes, we squeezed in a hell of a lot of destinations in a week, I’m very happy we did ’cause there was so much to experience. One downside being that we had to move along every single day in order to make our way back up to Christchurch. One significant thing that happened whilst we were travelling – on the 1st of April, I turned 30-years old! We woke up early that morning at Monkey Island beach. Still being pitch black outside, we drove all the way up to Manapouri, boarded a small ferry that would take us across the lake. One hour later we reached the harbour on the other side where a coach was waiting for us, it would take us through the Fiordland National Park. It was very impressive to see the surrounding nature, when the footprints inside the park was minimal and nothing is allowed to leave the park. For instance, if a tree avalanche or mudslide would destroy the small road going through the park – they’re only allowed to repair the road with minimum footprints, leaving the fallen trees next to the road and not “make it pretty again”.

After a 20 minutes drive we arrived to the “beginning” of Doubtful Sound, where we hopped on the next small ferry that would take us almost all the way out to the Tasman Sea.

There’s no way that I’ll be able to give an accurate description of how it really was, it’s something that has to be experienced in person. Pictures and words just simply can’t give it justice. It was a breathtaking ride through the Sound, with mountains surrounding us all the way out to the sea. Liza spilled the beans about me turning 30 to the guy driving the coach early in the morning and in the middle of Doubtful Sound – everyone started singing “Happy birthday” – I’ll be honest, it felt pretty good, haha.

I think I’ll finish this blog post for now, there’s still so much to say about New Zealand, but I think I’ll save it for the coming days to come.