How much is a picture worth?

Over two years ago, I wanted to access an old hard drive which contain all my old archive pictures from 2004-2007. But the hard drive didn’t spin up at all, nothing happened when I plugged it in. A slight panic rose to the surface, thinking it might be the “external case” to the hard drive malfunctioning, so I took it out and tried plugging it straight into a computer. Still nothing. Dead silence. I did some diagnostics and found out that the electrical board of the hard drive was toast.

I always tell people, make sure you’ve got everything on a second drive (at least) so you have some kind of backup.

With all my other work, created from 2007-now, I have 2-3 drives with the same material. But with the oldest hard drive, I never bothered with buying a backup. I always said, “Oh, I’ll sort that out soon enough” – and now that “soon enough” has come to an end. We always think we have time. A false luxury thinking that things will always stay the same, thinking we have the time to sort that out, plan this event, make this life changing idea. But what do we do? “Oh, I’ll sort that out soon enough” and postpone everything.

So here I stand now. With a hard drive that still, hopefully, have all the data of my life between 2004-2007 still intact. As I look on that hard drive, I think – how much is actually a picture worth? How much does that part of my life matter? My sister was still alive at that time period, I felt generally happy – unknowing what’s to come. Unknowing of all the darkness that’s existed within the family. Would these pictures tell me anything new today? Maybe I documented something that I didn’t understand yet, but maybe I’d have a different viewpoint today?

I guess the main purpose with this post is, don’t take anything for granted. Take care of things that really are important, don’t say to yourself “Oh, I’ll sort that out soon enough”.

Prioritize and make it happen, we are here on limited time!
Just like my hard drive.