Meet me in montauk

At the moment I wish I could relive it all. To be stuck in that happy moment forever, all it will be now – is a vivid memory of what will never happen again. The excitement, happiness, the pure joy of being in your arms. I usually don’t talk about this. Not even in real life. It’s rare that I feel very strong for a person and it usually ends up in the same manner, something that will never become a thing – like a song stuck on repeat. The heartbreak, pain, tears. Why must it be like this? Please take me back to that beautiful moment.
The water washed down on our feet, as I held my arms around your neck – I gently smiled at you, and you smiled back at me. The colors, the sound, connecting with raw emotions. You never gave me the chance of a proper goodbye. Is this how you’ll remain in my memory? Slightly heartbroken, leaving me with a chapter that will remain unwritten, signed by yours truly.

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