Suppressed feelings

It’s almost a known fact. We all live with some suppressed feelings, more or less. It could be ideas, dreams, desires, what to expect out of life in general. Most of us can keep up the charade for a while, some, most of their lives. But sometimes, all those suppressed feelings expands and explodes, there’s just no way we’ll be able to cover it all up again. Some dreams, desires has been released into the air and as much as it hurts to follow & pursue them, it’s a necessity for survival and inner growth.

We can almost see it as an internal alarm that has gone off, some change needs to happen in our life otherwise the explosion wouldn’t have happened.

The hardest part is breaking your old and bad routines, the ones that limits our way of thinking or the ones that creates a false feeling of safety and comfort. I’d say that this is one of the hardest tasks we can experience when feeling stuck, struggling to move forward because of the routines we “think are good for us”. Don’t get me wrong, not all routines are bad, but it’s good if we can understand which routines are good or bad for us. For me, a routine that’s not healthy for my body or mind, will last for about 3-5 months before it starts to hurt and I crash mentally. Suddenly my life doesn’t seem worth living and I know that I’m not alone, feeling like this. It becomes a wheel of misfortune. Crashing silently, goes away to cry for a moment and then start the charade all over again. But it’s actually at this point that we need to take a brake, stop all our routines and figure out why it hurts so much.

Otherwise we’ll live a life in pain and agony, all for nothing. Might sound a bit drastic, but life should be worth living and fantastic! Well, most of the times atleast.