The power of stress

It’s really fantastic. The power of stress.

When being stressed in a good way, the positive kind of stress, it can take you so far and high up above in the clouds. Positive stress has also an evil twin, sister/brother – called negative stress. It can bring you down to the bottom of a well, a well so deep that you forget to breathe, sleep, eat and all the other things a basic human being needs to survive.

Positive stress can easily be replaced by it’s evil twin. The success of positive stress, is to bring yourself down before you’ve gone too far. For example, finish projects earlier than expected (if you are an overachiever). A teacher once asked, when do you think you ready to release a finished product? (photography). Most of us in the class agreed that it should be 100%. He that it isn’t a good idea, since then you’ll work your ass off in vain. It’s very hard to reach 100% especially if you’re one sadistic bastard (this he did not say, it’s my own interpretation). Release projects at around 70% – it’s good enough!

And that’s the thing.. it’s good enough!

It’s one hard sentence to believe and smack into your head! You’re good enough not doing 100-170% work all the time. Since that will most certainly bring out that evil twin! Especially if projects keep overlapping each other without any time for reflection and get a sense of completion.

The last few weeks my evil twin has been my best friend, without knowing it. The last few days I feared that my medicine, called Lamotrigin (Lamictal) for bipolar disease was making a rash. But it was actually my body trying to tell me, STOP! You’re evil twin is in control of you.. STOP! Why the fuck aren’t you listening..

Fine, if you won’t listen, neither notice the stress level.. I’ll give you.. acne caused by stress! Will you listen now?

And yes, it certainly got my attention.. So much that I stopped eating a medicine that actually have helped me the last few months. But what the medicine didn’t do, is to tell me that “I’m good enough” – that’s my job, to tell myself that I’m good enough.. It’s not┬ánecessary to give 100% of myself in every aspect.┬áSo the last few days, I’ve cancelled a lot of projects and also not being with friends 24/7. I’ve been alone, taking care of myself. Treated myself with sauna, good food and netflix.

To everybody out there, remind yourself that you are good enough! Enjoy life, relax and don’t let your evil twin get the best of you!